DLL Suite

What is DLL Suite?

DLL Suite features easy-to-use DLL error repair and corrupted file recovery solutions for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

It fixes DLL errors, fixes EXE errors, fixes SYS errors, downloads missing DLL files, restore corrupted files, boost PC’s speed and performance and much more.

DLL Suite Features:

Fix DLL errors
As its name indicates, DLL Suite is a DLL repair tool to fix DLL errors and repair corrupted system files. The DLL files are essential to your system operation. Any damage or problems to DLL files can cause slow PC performance, system startup and shutdown problems, error messages, application freezing, system crashing, and even blue screen of death (BSOD).

Note: DLL file contains the file with the .dll, .exe, .sys, .drv, and .fon extensions.

Download missing DLL files
With its largest database for Windows systems, DLL Suite can download DLL files to fix missing DLL file errors for 57 operating systems. Any missing DLL files can cause “program or system can’t start” problems. With DLL Suite, you can easily resolve the issues of these kinds.

Recover corrupted files
System operation, virus/spyware, registry cleanup, etc. can make your system files become corrupted, which will further result in system freezing and crashing. With its advanced corrupted file recovery mechanism, DLL Suite can effectively repair corrupted files to ensure your system stability.

Optimize system performance
DLL Suite is built with a lot of free PC speedup tools which can clean system junks, fix registry errors, defragment hard disk, protect privacy, boost system startup, uninstall unwanted programs, manage system restore points. With these excellent system built-in tools, you can fix, clean, optimize and speed up your PC without an extra cost.

Do remember DLL Suite is the only choice for system error repair and corrupted file recovery.

Top 20 DLL Requests:

DLL Suite – Your Windows DLL File Fixer
DLL Suite‘s main scanning process detects the incorrect DLL files that result in missing DLL errors and corrupted DLL files. Start with a scan to search incorrect DLL files, including missing, corrupted, modified, deleted and removed ones. Later you can use DLL Suite to fix DLL errors, download missing DLL files and repair corrupted files for your computer.